Eagan Pet Clinic

4395 Rahn Rd
Eagan, MN 55122



VitusVet Replaced PetSites

Effective 10/02/2017

Eagan Pet Clinic is excited to announce our new partnership with VitusVet.  VitusVet is a mobile phone app based platform.  You can download VitusVet to your phone from your Android or Apple app store (click on the logo below).  When signing up, make sure you enter as much personal information as possible (address, email, phone, etc.) so VitusVet can match that account with your account at EPC.  

With VitusVet you will be able to easily see all past and future lab work.  You will also be able to see all future x-rays for your pets.  Be aware that lab results will not populate in your app for five days, and x-rays will take one day.  

If you would prefer to access your pet's information via a website and not a mobile app, you can setup and login to your VitusVet account here.