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The EPC HOPE Fund was designed to offer financial assistance to Eagan Pet Clinic pet owners struggling to pay for emergency veterinary services for their pets. This is a donor supported program, funded entirely by donations from generous clients of ours. The limited funds are distributed on a case by case basis. Before EPC HOPE Fund can be considered as an option, Eagan Pet Clinic pet owners must first fill out a Care Credit application. If Care Credit is granted, those funds must be utilized before the EPC HOPE Fund can be considered as an option.

There are many pets in need of assistance! If you are interested in donating to the EPC HOPE Fund, please contact us at (651) 454-5684 or feel free to stop by the clinic. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use helping out animals in need! Eagan Pet Clinic and staff also host events to raise money for the fund such as providing nail trims and baths for pets in the community in exchange for donations. You can follow EPC HOPE Fund on Facebook to see how funds are used to help pets and their families.


MEET BELLA HOPE--The EPC HOPE Fund inspiration:



Sweet Bella was presented to us with a longstanding elbow fracture that required specialized surgical intervention. With no financial resources or anyone to care for her, Bella's life may have come to an early sad ending. Of course, the staff of Eagan Pet Clinic were not about to see that happen, and a mad scramble ensued to save her life. Staff members anonymously put their hard earned donations into an envelope to pay for a board certified surgeon to repair Bella's elbow (see x-rays below of the surgical repair). Drs. Hansen and Schowalter donated the peri-surgical care, anesthesia and clinic resources. Dr. Murphy of Twin Cities Veterinary Surgical Specialists kindly reduced his fee and a life long home was found for Bella. In all, upwards of $2,000 worth of care was provided to save Bella's young life. 

Unfortunately not all stories end this way. It would be impossible for us to take on every pet and family that needs help for we would soon be out of business. Resources for situations like Bella's are very limited. Bella has inspired us to find a way to try to help pets and families in need in emergency situations. Our hope is avoid the mad scrambles and the tears and the sadness. Thank you Bella for the inspiration for the EPC HOPE Fund!






Other Resources

Here is a list of other resources designed to help pet owners in financial need: