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Comprehensive Dental Cleanings


After Dental Cleaning


Yearly dental cleanings keep your pet's mouth healthy!

Our veterinarians and licensed technicians have received advanced training in dentistry. We as a group at Eagan Pet Clinic are passionate about preventative dentistry because we see on a daily basis how much pain and discomfort dental disease causes in our patients. We recommend yearly comprehensive dental cleanings along with full mouth dental radiographs to detect problems going on below the gum line such as abscessed or infected teeth, dentigerous cysts caused by unerupted teeth, resorbing teeth, and significant bone loss that may otherwise go undetected. Sixty percent of the tooth is under the gum line, so full mouth dental radiographs are a very important part of obtaining a complete picture of what is going on with your pet's teeth. We utilize the safest anesthetics and recommend bloodwork prior to anesthesia to detect any underlying organ dysfunction.

All of our patients undergoing a complete dental cleaning receive the following:

  • Intravenous catheter
  • IV fluids
  • Warming blankets
  • Full mouth digital dental radiographs
  • Complete oral exam including examining the gums, tongue and oral cavity looking for masses or other abnormalities
  • Thorough ultrasonic scaling to remove plaque, tartar, and calculus from above AND below the gum line
  • Thorough polishing of every tooth to create a nice smooth finish to the teeth after scaling
  • Probing of every tooth for pockets and bone loss
  • Complete dental charting
  • A licensed veterinary technician will be monitoring your pet during the procedure along with the utilization of advanced monitoring equipment that records important parameters such as ECG, heart rate, and blood pressure

Pain Management

Controlling pain in our patients is very important. In addition to injectable pain medications utilized prior and during the dental procedure, our veterinarians perform local dental blocks for any teeth that need to be extracted or have advanced procedures performed.  We also send pain medication to be administered at home as needed.

Referrals As Needed

When needed, we utilize the services of a board-certified dentists at Blue Pearl in Eden Prairie for more advanced procedures such as root canals, jaw fractures, complex/difficult extractions, and surgical removal of dentigerous cysts.