Pet insurance

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Pet Insurance:

We recommend considering pet insurance as it can be a great option for helping to manage the cost of unexpected veterinary bills.


Here are some of our general pet insurance recommendations:

  1. Major medical coverage (accident, illness) is likely more beneficial than wellness coverage (vaccines, annual exams, spay/neuter, etc.)
  2. We recommend setting up an insurance plan as early as possible in the life of a pet, as pet insurance companies do not generally provide coverage for pre-existing conditions
  3. The most beneficial plans provide coverage for all the following types of illnesses: 
    • Hereditary and congenital diseases (medical conditions common to your pet’s breed and species)
    • Chronic disease with continual coverage
    • Cancer
    • Trauma (hit by car, falls, broken bones, etc.)

As with any type of insurance, it is possible you will get back less (if your pet was healthy) or more (if your pet had bouts of illness) than you paid towards monthly premiums.  Thus, you should not elect to carry pet insurance with the expectation it will save you money.  It is best thought of as a risk management tool, to help soften the blow and give peace of mind that your pet will be able to receive the care they need when facing unexpected accidents or illnesses.