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What is Vitus Vet & Other FAQ


The goal of this webpage is to help clients understand what can and can’t be seen or done within the Vitus Vet app. We’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions and problems. If you still have questions or concerns after reviewing this document and the corresponding “How To” guides, please give us a call or send us an email. An email with screenshots of your problem(s) would be the most helpful in allowing us to find a resolution for you. You may also contact Vitus Vet directly at support@vitusvet.com


What exactly is Vitus Vet?

Vitus Vet is a third party service (mobile app) that Eagan Pet Clinic (EPC) uses to help our clients easily maintain an active role in their pet’s health care.  Whether it is sending out reminders on our behalf or communicating an urgent message, Vitus Vet helps EPC stay in contact with our clients.  It’s also an easy way for clients to stay in contact with EPC!


Why would I want to use it?

Vitus Vet is how EPC sends out patient reminders for vaccinations and services that are coming due.  The app also allows clients to view their pet’s lab work results, request a refill of medication or food, and request/schedule an appointment.  Clients can view their pet’s weight, vaccination, and prescription history in the app.  Histories can also be sent and shared with others which can be very helpful in the event of a trip to an emergency veterinarian.


Why can’t I see my pet’s full medical record?

Vitus Vet gives veterinary clinics the option of sharing or hiding full patient medical records.  Eagan Pet Clinic has elected not to share these.  Patient medical records are often written in shorthand with lots of technical medical terminology, and for someone not familiar with veterinary records, can often cause more confusion and questions than useful information.  We’re happy to share your pet’s medical record with you, but we prefer to do it one-on-one to ensure you fully understand the content.


How will I receive my pet’s reminders?

Vitus Vet sends out all of EPC’s reminders.  These reminders are sent via push notification (from the Vitus Vet app), text message and/or email.  Overdue reminders are sent via postcard.


I don’t want to use the app, so how will I receive reminders?

Vitus Vet syncs with our computer system and will use one of the various contact methods we have on file for you - even if you don’t download the app.  The only difference is that you won’t get push notifications.  Instead, you’ll receive reminders via text message and/or email.  If we don’t have a cell phone number or email on file for you, you’ll receive a postcard.


Do you really need my email?

The short answer is, Yes!  We promise not to sell or share it with anyone except the companies we do business with, like Vitus Vet.  We also promise not to spam you, and you can opt out of receiving Vitus Vet communication at any time (though we strongly urge you not to).


My pet had lab work done yesterday, where are the results?

The results for lab work will show in your Vitus Vet app approximately five days after we receive the results.  This allows our doctors ample time to review your pet’s results and discuss them with you.   


What is a push notification?

A push notification is an alert/message you receive on your cell phone that was sent from an app you have downloaded.  You have to enable push notifications on your phone to be able to receive them.  They can generally be enabled/disabled through the individual app or your phone’s general settings.  Sometimes you have to make changes in both places to get things to work the way you want.


I have the app, but I’m not getting push notifications?

When you created your VitusVet account, one of the options was “Do you want to allow this application to send notifications.”  Out of habit, a lot of people select “no.”  You need to check these settings.  See “Ensure Notifications are Turned On” for information on how to modify these settings.


Why can’t I login to the app?

While Vitus Vet automatically creates an account for all of our clients and patients, you will still need to setup your login information before you can actually log in.  When you create your account, make sure you use the same information EPC has on file for you, otherwise Vitus Vet may not be able to link your information to your account.  Vitus Vet gives you the option to create your account using your Facebook® information, before you do that, confirm that your Facebook® information matches what EPC has on file.


I created an account, but none of my pets are listed?

It can take 24-48 hours for your information to fully sync into the Vitus Vet app.  If after that time frame it still hasn’t populated, please contact us.  We will need the details you used to create your Vitus Vet account (email, phone number, address, etc.).  We’ll then contact Vitus Vet and they can manually link your login information to your account at EPC. 


I’ve logged into the app before, but now I can’t.  Help!

Try using the link to reset your password.  You should receive an email with a link to update your password.  If you don’t receive the email or still can’t login after changing your password, please contact us with a detailed description of the problem and what you’ve tried to resolve it.  You can also contact Vitus Vet directly at support@vitusvet.com


Do you really need my email?

The short answer is, Yes!  We promise not to sell or share it with anyone except the companies we do business with, like Vitus Vet.  We also promise not to spam you, and you can opt out of receiving Vitus Vet communications at any time (though we strongly urge you not to).


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